You are accessing documentation for myPractice version 4. This is not the latest version of Bp Allied.
Support for this product will be discontinued in early 2020.
Please contact our support team about upgrading to the latest version of BpAllied to enable this implementation.
Version 4

Adding a Product or Service

The details for adding a new Product or Service to myPractice are covered below. Click here to see the video on Adding or Editing a Product or Service.
Adding a Product or Service

Add new row

1. Add new row
Click in the Add new row field to add a new product or service


2. Category
Click on the drop down to select a category
  • Use of this field is optional
  • These are Product Categories specified in the Product Categories table. They are used to group Products or Services together when displayed in the Consultation drop down lists in an appointment.

Item Code

3. Item Code
Type in the Item Code, if required
  • This is a short code that can be used to identify items. In particular, it is used to hold Medicare product or service item numbers which Medicare use as a basis for payment.

Item Descriptions

4. Item Descriptions
Type in the item descriptions
  • Item Description
  • This is the description of the product or service.
  • This is used to select the Consultation Type for an appointment and is usually the description included on an invoice.
  • It can be a maximum of 50 characters in length
  • Item Long Description
  • This is a more lengthy description of the product or service.
  • It can also be used on an invoice.
  • There is not limit to the number of characters used
  • Use of this field is optional

GST Applicable

5. GST Applicable
Tick if the product or service needs to have GST calculated on the Sell Price.
In versions prior to setting both the GST Applicable and Price Incl GST fields to Yes will not display the GST amount separately.

Sell Price

6. Sell Price
Type in the price of the item
  • The price of the product or service - whether this is includes or excludes GST depends on the GST options ticked.

Is Consultation Type

7. Is Consultation Type
Tick as required
For the purposes of myPractice the following definitions apply:
  • Is Consultation Type = True (is ticked) when it relates to the selling of services that take place at a specific time for which an appointment is made.
  • Is Consultation Type = False (not ticked) when it is a Product is a physical item to be sold. This can be sold independent of an appointment; OR a service that does not relate to time.
If this is left ticked then when the item is added to an invoice a corresponding appointment will need to be selected

Price Incl GST

8. Price Incl GST
Tick if the Sell Price includes GST.
In versions prior to setting both the GST Applicable and Price Incl GST fields to Yes will not display the GST amount separately.


9. Active
By default the Active tick box is ticked

Consultation Type Colour

10. Consultation Type Colour
Select the colour from the palette
  • This is the colour that an appointment will be displayed in the Appointment Book when the selected Consultation Type is chosen.
  • If this is not selected then it displays as white
  • The option Use Colours to display Consultation Types in Options > Appointment Book needs to be checked for the colours to be displayed.

Default Duration

11. Default Duration
Type in the duration, in minutes e.g. 30 for 30 minutes or 60 for a 1 hour appointment
The default duration for a Consultation Type.
  • Used when creating the appointment duration for the selected Consultation Type
  • If this is not defined then the default duration for an appointment is the Default Appointment Duration set in Options > Appointment Book

MYOB Export Codes

12. MYOB Export Codes
These two columns have been added so that when sales information is exported to MYOB the records can be matched using the Accounting Item Code. Any products or services without having one of these assigned will not be imported. See more details on the MYOB export report.


13. OK
Click OK to save changes and to close the Data Maintenance window.


14. Cancel
Click Cancel to disregard changes and close the Data Maintenance window.


15. Apply
Click Apply to save the changes and keep the Data Maintenance window open.